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The EU Blue Card enables third-country nationals who are university graduates or who have a comparable qualification to receive a residence title for the purpose of employment suiting their qualification.

What is the legal basis for the EU Blue Card?

The Transposition Act for the European Union’s Directive on Highly-Qualified Employment (Directive 2009/50/EC) came into force on 1 August 2012. Among other things, this Act has resulted in the introduction of the EU Blue Card as a new residence title as stipulated in section 19a of the German Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz – AufenthG).

In which countries is the EU Blue Card valid, and in which countries does the EU Blue Card not apply?

The EU Blue Card is a residence title that has been created for third-country nationals in the Member States of the EU. The only countries in which the Directive on Highly-Qualified Employment does not apply are the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark, and these countries do not therefore issue any EU Blue Cards.

What preconditions need to be met in order for an EU Blue Card to be issued?

Three preconditions need to be met in addition to the general admission conditions in order to receive an EU Blue Card:

Applicants must provide proof of having completed higher education. If the higher education qualification was not acquired in Germany, it must either be recognised or be comparable to a German higher education qualification.
Applicants must either provide proof of a specific job offer or present a pre-existing employment contract, or one that has already been signed, and
This offer or contract must be for at least a specific minimum gross annual salary.

How can foreign higher education qualifications be recognised?

Should you have any questions on the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications, please refer to the information portal on the recognition of foreign educational qualifications: http://www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.de

Where can I find information on whether a foreign qualification is comparable to a German qualification?

The Anabin database (see link below) lists the qualifications for which comparability has already been generally determined as well as further information on comparability.


Is it also possible to obtain a Blue Card without a higher education qualification but based on completed vocational training?

It is currently not possible to obtain an EU Blue Card in Germany without a higher education qualification. The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has not adopted a statutory instrument to this effect in accordance with section 19a subs. 1 (b) of the German Residence Act.

What level of language skills needs to be proven in order to obtain the EU Blue Card?

No proof of German language skills needs to be provided in order to obtain an EU Blue Card. When applicants are appl