The No.1
Country for Expats
is Germany

Hassle Free Online Assessment

Our online assessment feature will enable you to get your case analysed hassle-free. You can access the online assessment tool on our website or mobile app at your ease and comfort. Read More


Seamless Analysis

We will assist you with your EU Blue Card application through our advanced application analysis mechanism devised meticulously for the Non-EU nationals, who aspire to jump-start their
career in the EU region. Read More


Documentation Services

We will assist you in preparing the necessary documents, including health insurance, resume, academic and professional certificates, and other relevant papers. We will also guide you throughout the application process. Read More


Career Support

Our career consultants and mentors precisely understand which job opportunity is right for candidates looking for a career in the EU region. We have an extensive network of the best employers who are seeking expertise like you. Read More


Enhance & Ascend

Blue Card Visa can assist you to jump start your job career with the Best Employers in the EU.

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